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Popular Car Market Share In America – July 2011

2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Red

Nearly five out of every 100 vehicles sold in America in July was a Ford F-Series truck. That number sounds really high. F-Series sales, however, were down 2.7% compared with July 2010. Moreover, the Ford’s market share in the overall new vehicle market fell from 4.7% in June

On the other hand, stretch a’way back to July 2003 and you’ll see that the F-Series’ share of the overall new vehicle market in America was… an identical 4.6%. At that time Ford’s car division owned just 4.2% of the market. Fortunately for Ford, the car division’s share of the overall market reached 5.3% in July 2011.

Looking back to 2003 presents us with some interesting comparisons. At that time the Volkswagen Jetta’s market share in America was a difficult-to-locate 0.6%. Fast forward to July 2011 and that number has soared to 1.5%. As a whole, Volkswagen’s market share in the first seven months of 2003 was just 1.8%. In the first seven months of 2011, VW’s market share in America was 2.5%. 

In the chart below you’ll see July 2011’s 20 best-selling vehicles in America. This includes three pickup trucks, twelve passenger cars, and five utility vehicles from eight different auto manufacturers. Together, these 20 best sellers accounted for 39.2% of all new vehicle sales last month.