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Sporty Car Sales And Premium Sporty Car Sales In America – August 2010

The 2011 Honda CR-Z made its showroom debut in the United States last month. By the 31st of August, 694 Honda CR-Zs had been sold. Introduced to mixed reviews, the CR-Z is a sometimes handsome, sometimes ugly hybrid sportster with just a handful of horsepower but plenty of personality.

True sporting success was seen in the BMW Z4 last month, the always handsome BMW Z4, that is. Sales of the Spartanburg, South Caroline-built Z4 improved 120% compared to August 2009. Oh, and a couple more things: joining the CR-Z as new members of the Sporty & Sporty Luxury Car Sales Graph this month are the Volkswagen GTI and Scion tC. GTI sales are also included in total Volkswagen Golf sales in the Compact Car Sales section.
With fewer than 1,400 sales to their credit, the high-end Premium Sporty Cars in the Graph below may not seem important in volume terms, but their high pricetags bear much fruit for their respective automakers (excepting the Cadillac XLR, of course). Though Porsche may seem all about the Panamera and Cayenne these days, the 911 Carrera and its many brothers are vitally important. 375 August sales testify to that fact.