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Hyundai USA Reports November 2012 Sales Figures Early

2013 Hyundai Sonata SE red

Hyundai USA boss John Krafcik went on Twitter early this morning to report the automaker’s U.S. November 2012 sales figures.

Hyundai sales in America rose 7.8% from 49,610 to 53,487 units in November 2012. Year-to-date, this takes Hyundai’s eleven-month total up to 643,572 units, a 48,646-unit improvement over the first eleven months of 2011. That equals an 8.2% improvement.

2012 Hyundai Veloster C3 Concept LA auto show
Hyundai’s Concept From November 2012’s
Los Angeles Auto Show, The Veloster C3

This is newsworthy for two reasons besides the fact that at, any North American automaker reporting monthly sales volume sees its numbers published here, always and forever. But Hyundai reported early this month – 35 other brands won’t report until at least Monday morning. 

Also, many people expected the news of Hyundai and Kia’s incorrect mileage claims to hurt U.S. sales in November. While we could still see such an event, and though that factor may have been at play, the fact that sales didn’t fall when news of the improper testing was fresh suggests consumers may actually understand the meaning of a one mile per gallon loss, particularly when many Hyundais and Kias still rank near the top of their class in fuel efficiency.

All 265 Vehicles Ranked By U.S. November 2012 YTD Sales
We’ve come to expect the U.S. gains being posted by Hyundai, GM, and Ford to fall beneath the industry’s overall growth as Toyota and Honda retake market share that had briefly fallen away. The overall new vehicle market in America will likely post something like a 12.5% November improvement, some way beyond Hyundai’s 7.8% jump. Edmunds says Honda sales are likely to shoot up 34% and Toyota should post a 14-18% gain.

Krafcik also stated that Sonata sales were up 13% in November 2012. Elantra sales rose 28%. That should take the brand’s two most popular nameplates up to approximately 17,700 and 15,800 sales, respectively. For the midsize car, this should return the nameplate to a place where its beating 2011’s pace, although just barely. Through ten months, the Sonata, America’s 15th-best-selling vehicle, was down 0.4%.

Again, check this space on Monday, December 3, for constant updates of manufacturer volume in both Canada and the United States as well as U.S. best seller lists and model-by-model updates.

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