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Want More Interesting Audi USA November 2012 Sales Facts?

2013 Audi A4 Avant

Over the lunch hour I tweeted that three American buyers got their hands on the now defunct (in North America) Audi A4 Avant. This started a bit of an exchange on Twitter with some fellow auto writers. But there are other, more interesting facts in Audi USA’s monthly press release.

14% of all Audi A4 sales were S4 sedans. The S5 and RS5 accounted for 39% of A5/S5 volume. 12% of the A8s sold were actually S8s, and the TTS and TTRS accounted for 62% of all TT sales.

All 265 Vehicles Ranked By U.S. November 2012 YTD Sales
437 A4 Allroads were sold. That’s up 92% from what Audi achieved with the A4 Avant in November of last year. 

November 2012 was the Audi Q5’s second-best sales month ever. Only June was better.

45% of A3 sales were of the TDI variety. The diesel-powered Q7 brought in 29% of November 2012’s Q7 buyers. 

Audi USA sold more vehicles in November 2012 than in any November in history. In fact, Audi has already sold more vehicles in 2012 than in any full calendar year in the company’s U.S. history. It helps to have more models to sell. Quite clearly, this is no longer a company with a coupe and three sedans. And to think there are numerous Audis that the U.S. division doesn’t sell.

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