New Vehicle Market Share By Brand In Canada – November 2010

In what will likely become a full-time addition to the fleet of recaps on monthly sales in the auto industry (popularity will be gauged in the coming weeks), this market share chart for Canadian auto sales in November 2010 is an efficient way of gaining requisite knowledge.

Just click in the Graph for a larger view, even on your phone. Though Ford may be dominant as a singular brand in Canada, this chart clearly shows GM’s strategy of flying forth with four brands isn’t a bad one. Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac (and some leftovers) combined for 20,122 sales in Canada in November. More than any lofty sales numbers, automakers love to see their market share growing. Had we been doing this earlier, you’d see Toyota’s yellow slice of the pie gradually shrinking. We might see more if it in the coming months.

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