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So much for all the talk about Toyota’s demise. Not only was the brand as a whole March’s best-selling automotive brand in the United States, its most famous product was the best-selling car in America in March, too. The Toyota Camry, frequently mocked on for its bland nature and annoying ubiquity, crushed the competition. Sales of the Toyota Camry in March doubled up the Camry’s Sales Stats total from February. 

Better yet for the Japanese giant, the Toyota Corolla was the United States second best-selling car in March, some 7,000 units ahead of its main competitor, the Honda Civic. Combining sales of the two best-selling GM cars, the Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet Impala, still isn’t enough to topple the almighty Toyota Camry, a car which has had its share of horrific press coverage in 2010. Y’almost get the feeling that Toyota Camrys have a bit of swagger now. The Top 10 Best-Selling Cars In America for March of 2010 are in the Graph below.


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  1. I don't find the Camry's success surprising. That the Focus can continue to sell well shocks me. What does this mean when the new Focus comes on line?

  2. Camry and Corolla buyers are like smokers. They continue to buy/use them when they know they're not good for them.

  3. It's not like the Altimaboat is attractive or all that great to drive either. It just has a firmer ride. So what are they smoking?

  4. I drive a 2006 Toyoto Corolla. The Engine Control Module went out on it at around 100,000 miles. That is the only problem I have had with it, thus far. I called my dealership when my car started shifting harshly and was told that I would have to pay over $2000 to have them fix the problem. Well, I could not afford that, and so I went ahead to get a replacement Control Module for about $300 on the Internet, and guess what, did the repair myself. Well, the recall letter for the Module came in, and as instructed, I sent in my bill – charging Toyota $300 some for the repair I did. What do you know, they kicked the bill back and would not pay me, saying the repair I did did not fit the criteria of the recall! Needless to say, I felt slighted. The car has gone over 163000 miles now. It still runs good, and gives me over 40 miles per gallon in the summer. I am easy on the car. Nothing on it has been replaced, yet. Even the brakes are original. I did not take the car in for the tune up when it hit 15000 miles as I do not trust the dealership. I will tune it up myself when it starts running poorly. As I worked as a mechanic in my younger days, I do all the engine oil changes myself. I am planning to do the transmission, brake and power steering fluid changes soon as I get all the required fluids I need. I will be pulling the brakes soon to see how it is. Plus, I will be repainting the wheels as they are starting to rust.
    I drove my first Toyota – a 700 in the fifties. It impressed me as a pretty good little car. Since that time, I have seen the company grow into the leader that it is. But I fear that the company has failed to see that customer relations is what will both make and break it. My recent bad experience with it is the reason why I will be looking to buy a Honda and not a Toyota to replace the family's 1996 Civic when it hits 200,000 miles.

  5. A quick note about my '96 Civic. It still runs and looks new. I have never had a problem with it. It beat out the Corolla once when I had to haul a big TV home. The Corolla's door was too narrow to fit it. The two-door Honda's door opened out wide enough and so, it got the job. Over the years, the Honda has time and again, come through when the family needed a car to carry off-sized packages. We buy all our furniture from IKEA and you know how large and long some of the boxes can be! All the same, a good word for the Corolla. It is my work car and it has done well, for I carry a ton of stuff on it every day during the work week.

  6. i find that overall Honda's exterior and interior look is much more appealing then the toyotas! But i wouldn't be suprised if Honda takes the lead in 2011 after all the recalls!

  7. Fusion sales were actually 27,566 based on the press release on the Ford website.

    Toyota took a risky gamble. Offered huge incentives like a 'Free Car(no payments for 3 months), to move Camrys and Corollas, but as the month ends, immediately jack up the price of most of their cars across all lines, along with announcing that they will have a profit loss.

    They know the hot new 2012 Focus is coming after the Corolla and Camry market worldwide.

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