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chrysler town and country

Nobody grows up with posters of minivans plastered on their bedroom walls. Then again, nobody grows up with posters of midsize sedans on their bedroom walls, either. We mature, we change, we see life for what it is. And for some of us, life equals children. Lots and lots of children. The quantity of children which requires three rows of seating, preferably with enough space to separate children if need be. 

Americans have not taken to the latest minivan trend as strongly as first anticipated. The Mazda 5 and Kia Rondo put the mini in minivan; emphasizing fuel savings and a modicum of space efficiency. Sales are decent, but it almost seems as though a greater field of competitors in the 5 and Rondo’s segment would be a help, rather than a hindrance, to their success. All publicity is good publicity, right? 
At the top of the heap, the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan blend together in a stronghold the size of Fort Knox. The competition is either relatively unknown (Kia Sedona), comparitively expensive (Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna), or…. well, not a Chrysler (Volkswagen Routan). This Minivan Sales Graph will be repeated for Canada later on in April before becoming a mainstay on, so check back to see how the 2011 Toyota Sienna challenges the Odyssey next month. FYI, of the Chrysler/Dodge duo’s 23,802 sales in April, 13,367 came from Chrysler.

minivan sales chart

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