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Minivan Sales In America – November 2010

America’s top selling minivan in November 2010 was the brand new 2011 Honda Odyssey The Good Car Guy complained about in June. Based on auto manufacturing conglomerations, Chrysler sold the most minivans in November, however.

For the first time has decided to split up the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. They’ve been kept side-by-side and painted with a similar colour so you can still see the slice of pie they account for if you so desire. When separated, they are the third and fourth most-popular minivans in America. Together they are mighty.

Honda Odyssey sales were up 34.7% in November. Sales of the Mazda 5 fell 22.1%. Kia Rondo sales obviously fell off a cliff – it’s been cancelled in the United States – but Sedona sales dropped 32.5%. Swagger Wagon sales, or the popularity of the 2011 Toyota Sienna, went from 7488 sales in November 2009 to the number you’ll see in the Graph below, 8125. As for Chrysler, Grand Caravan sales fell 28%; Town & Country sales dropped 9%.

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