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Minivan Sales And Truck Sales In America – April 2011

Through the first four months of 2011, Toyota sold 37,060 Sienna minivans. That’s up 60.6% from the first four months of 2010, a pretty impressive showing based (at least partially) on the Swagger Wagon commercials. And good product. And 4-cylinder engines, something the competition doesn’t offer?

Just 754 sales shy of the Sienna’s 37,060 total, the new 2011 Honda Odyssey is up 8% this year. The Kia Sedona isn’t much competition, but Kia’s minivan was up 39.8% in April. Not a bad van by any means, the Sedona still can’t make gains like that without a handsome load of incentives. The Kia dealer a few kilometres from GCBC Towers (in Canada, admittedly) advertises Sedonas with $13,000 off the MSRP.

With 32,769 sales, the new 2011 Chrysler Town & Country trails both the Sienna and Odyssey. In tandem, however, the Town & Country/2011 Dodge Grand Caravan crush the minivan competition, with 69,490 sales year-to-date. The Grand Caravan was down 15.7% in April but still leads the Odyssey in 2011. The Town & Country dropped 33.9% last month.

Dodge put up better April numbers with its Ram pickup. From 13,665 Ram sales in April 2010, Dodge improved by more than 4000 sales. In the first four months of 2011, Ram sales are up 36.2%. For every Ram sold in America so far this year, Ford sold 2.44 F-Series trucks. The F-Series posted an 11% jump in April and is up 19.5% in 2011. Sales of GM’s Avalanche, Sierra, and Silverado are up to 172,070 from 140,510 in the first four months of 2010.