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Mini USA Sales Chart – January-May 2012

2011 Mini Countryman WRC Rally Car

To go along with the 6153 Minis sold in the United States in May 2012, Americans also acquired 4003 Fiat 500s, and 3002 Volkswagen Beetles. Scion found 897 iQ buyers; smart fortwo sales jumped 43% to 703.

On the subject of Mini in particular, sales rose 6.1% in May and are up 6% through give months. Mini sold 5801 vehicles in the United States in May 2011. Mini sales reps now have two more cars to work with than they did a year ago. With a 123-unit increase from the Convertible, 66 more Countrymans, plus the 541 Coupes and Roadsters, Mini did indeed manage to post that narrow year-over-year increase. Without the Coupe and Roadster, Mini USA was down 3.3% in May and is off last year’s pace by 2.5% year-to-date. 

America’s new car market grew 13% in the first five months of 2012. This means Mini USA’s growth is not as healthy as the overall market’s. BMW’s own BMW brand is up 14% in 2012. At this point last year, the Mini brand accounted for 21.1% of all BMW-Mini sales in America. That figure has fallen to 19.9% in 2012 despite the addition of Coupe and Roadster Minis. 

Mini’s reliance on new bodystyles to supply a small amount of growth shouldn’t come as a shock to auto observers who’ve already realized that the Fiat 500 and 500C outsold their two direct Mini rivals by 674 units in May. The 500L looks like too much of an ugly duckling for Fiat to steal more sales from Mini.