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Mini USA Sales Chart: January-October 2012

2013 Mini Cooper hardtop red

With just one sale to spare, Mini squeaked out a win over the Scion brand in October 2012’s U.S. sales rankings. A victory for 24th spot, but a victory nonetheless, one which Mini doesn’t look capable of achieving for the full calendar year. Through ten months, Scion is 7958 sales ahead of BMW’s British small car division. 

In 2011, Mini ended the year 8240 sales ahead of the FR-S-less Scion. In 2010, Scion beat Mini by 34 sales.

More to the point, Mini’s non-Countryman cars – the Hardtop, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe, and Roadster – outsold the Fiat 500 by 333 cars in October 2012. After a dominant September for the Countryman, October sales of the biggest Mini slid 9% year-over-year. But the original BMW Mini Cooper/Cooper S/JCW Hardtop jumped 17% to 2434 units. Clubman sales also rose 16%, and with 595 units in total, accounted for 10.1% of all Minis sold in America last month. Year-to-date the Clubman accounts for just 8.9% of Mini USA volume.

Mini USA car sales chart October 2012
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Overall, the Mini brand was responsible for 18.2% of all BMW USA sales in October. Through ten months, Mini has found 20.4% of all BMW-Mini U.S. buyers. The Mini division outsells all individual BMW cars save for the 3-Series, 78,081 of which have been sold this year. October happened to be a very good month for the 3er – sales jumped 26% to 9729, good enough to make BMW’s most popular model America’s 15th-best-selling car.

As a visual aid, the above chart has been sharpened by the removal of a few months of 2012 results. You can still go back in time to see Mini USA sales figures from the first quarter or any month since by scrolling through the Mini Sales Chart section of GCBC. Mini sales are also generalized as a brand here, as Countrymans here, and as non-Countryman Coopers here.

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