Only three or four of the Midsize Luxury Cars in the Graph below are boring cars. Yet the sales disparity from one vehicle to another is unexplainable. Since last month it’s been decided that the Lexus ES350 ought to be included here along with the Acura TL, a vehicle which isn’t a direct competitor for the others but is more like these cars than those found in the class below.

Even with the presence of the much less expensive Lexus ES, however, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is still the heavy-duty player in this vehicle segment. Depending on your choice of powerplant, the Benz E-Class is either a E350, E550, or E63 AMG with horsepower going from sufficient to plentiful to superfluous. Still, many of these other vehicles are distinctly desirable: the gorgeous Infiniti M, the handsome Audi A6, the outside-of-the-box Jaguar XF, and the dynamic BMW 5-Series to name a few. Yet the E-Class Mercedes is the choice of most in the upper tier of this category. 
One more reminder relating to the lone mainstream-badged car: Genesis sales include that of its coupe sibling; not an offense considering E-Class sales include any lingering wagons and the new convertible.