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Mazda USA Sales – October 2010

What is it about Mazda that fails to engage Americans the way it does Canadians? North of the 49th parallel, Mazda Canada sold 5657 vehicles in October 2010. Mazda USA sales were up 19.5% to 18,013, a little more than triple Mazda Canada’s total. Yet Mazda’s Canadian operations compete in a market smaller than the size of Toyota’s hold in the United States, somewhere between one-seventh and one-ninth the size of the U.S. market. Using the Canadian quotient, Mazda USA sales in October 2010 should’ve been more like 42,000. By Canadian standards, the Mazda 3 would be one of America’s best-selling cars, but that ain’t the case.

Why the U.S. rejection of Mazda? Canadian sales of the Mazda Tribute exceed U.S. sales. Mazda 5 sales in America are no more than double the Canadian sales total for the 5 mini-minivan. One theory says American car buyers are more loyal. While Canadians have willingly turned to Hyundai just as often as they’d stick with Honda, American consumers trust their neighbours and their own past purchases and stick with the largest brands from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, and Honda.

One way or another, whether Mazda’s sales in the United States tick up slightly or fall short in year-over-year comparisons, global growth requires success in the USA. Next time you see someone drive by in a Toyota Highlander, ask yourself why they wouldn’t consider 2010 Mazda CX-9 instead. It’s hard to think of any reason to avoid the CX-9. Why does everyone on your street drive a Chevrolet Malibu when the 2010 Mazda 6 is so lovely? They’re certainly not following The Good Car Guy’s advice.

Mazda 3: 7745
Year-over-year volume change: +15.1%
Last month: 7995
Year-to-date: 90,856

Mazda CX-9: 2497
Year-over-year volume change: +51.2%
Last month: 2420
Year-to-date: 23,704

Mazda CX-7: 2483
Year-over-year volume change: +41.6%
Last month: 2573
Year-to-date: 23,227

Mazda 6: 2477
Year-over-year volume change: -16.7%
Last month: 2731
Year-to-date: 29,458

Mazda 5: 1174
Year-over-year volume change: +37.6%
Last month: 1109
Year-to-date: 14,039

Mazda 2: 629
Last month: 589
Year-to-date: 1725

Mazda MX-5 Miata: 542
Year-over-year volume change: -7.5%
Last month: 770
Year-to-date: 5695

Mazda Tribute: 373
Year-over-year volume change: +62.2%
Last month: 293
Year-to-date: 3118

Mazda RX-8: 93
Year-over-year volume change: -66.9%
Last month: 100
Year-to-date: 951

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