Why is the strength of The Good Car Guy’s recommendation not stronger? In both The Good 12 v2.0 and The Good 12 v3.0, The Good Car Guy said that the Mazda 6 was the midsize sedan of choice. Yet last month in Canada, the Mazda 6 was sought out by only 543 people. Meanwhile, the frequently derided Toyota Camry sold more than any other midsize car in the country, a feat not normally achieved by the Camry north of the 49th. 

Could it be a rebel spirit in Canada’s car market? “They say not to buy the Camry, so we’ll buy’em anyways”, Canucks say? Or is it possible that this has nothing to do with GoodCarBadCar.net and everything to do with Toyota’s still-sterling reputation and strong incentivizing? 

Whatever it is, the 2010 Toyota Camry was a major player in March. The venerable Honda Accord fared little worse. April’s Sales Stats should manifest a more applicable story on the Suzuki Kizashi. And the Kia Magentis? Well, have you seen its replacement


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