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Rather than post in typical Graph format, America’s Top 10 Best-Selling Auto Brands will go analogue for the month, perhaps as a permament change. This gives The Good Car Guy a slight chance to offer up a few tidbits of info alongside this hugely important information. Here then are America’s best-selling automotive brands from May 2010.


#10 – Subaru: 23,667
However you analyze Subaru’s newly discovered mass-market appeal, attributing it to a normalization of products or just an insatiable U.S. appetite for the Subaru Outback, the Toyota-connected Fuji Heavy Industries-owned automaker must be most pleased with its victory over established companies like Mazda and Volkswagen, both of which finished just out of the top 10.
#9 – GMC: 30,160
Voices were coming from everywhere when General Motors began killing exterminating and didn’t execute the non-car building GMC brand. GMC sales were 26% higher this May than in May of 2009. What do the voices say to that?
#8 – Kia: 31,431
Numerous moderately successful models (Kia Forte, Kia Soul, Kia Rio) and one particularly hot seller, the 2011 Kia Sorento, helped Kia to a hugely successful month of May. Sales were up 20%.
#7 – Dodge: 42,242
Not including Ram sales any longer means Dodge finishes 7th rather than 6th, but the overall figures sound like music to the ears of Fiat executives. Sales of Dodge vehicles soared 72.7% in May.
#6 – Hyundai: 49,095
Hyundai is a fast-growing automaker with good product coming out its ears, but for whatever reason, the brand still hasn’t taken off in the United States like it has in Canada. Hyundai finished 5th up north in May with one-quarter the total of its U.S. division in a country with one-tenth the population.
#5 – Nissan: 75,673
Break it down as you wish, but you gotta admit Nissan is helped to spot numero cinco on the backs of the Altima…. and everybody else, streaming in as bits and pieces of what appears to be a successful company. Improving the U.S. fortunes of the Nissan Sentra, Titan, and Pathfinder and Nissan could be closer to the top. 
#4 – Honda: 105,407
With May’s most popular car in America, it’s hard for Honda to go too terribly wrong. However, Insight sales haven’t amounted to much and a new Civic is delayed. 
#3 – Toyota: 140,597
Last year’s big dawg is struggling to keep up with domestic domination in U.S. sales. Struggling? Actually, Toyota just ain’t keeping up. Consumers love a good opportunity to buy up home-spun good product, something they weren’t able to do so proficiently when many GM and Ford vehicles sucked.
#2 – Chevrolet: 167,235
The Good Car Guy has already laid out the Chevy vs Ford comparison of many key models, so what’re you missing? Chevrolet sales shot up 31.2% in May. Among Chevy’s currently produced models only the Corvette sold at a slower rate than in May 2009.
#1 – Ford: 175,370
Ford had little to talk about today except success. With such boredom in hand, Ford Motor Company murdered Mercury, disappearing the brand by the end of the year.
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