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There are 13 midsize luxury SUVs and crossovers in the Graph below. Two of them, the Alliston, Ontario-built Acura MDX and Cambridge, Ontario-built Lexus RX, make up more than one-third of all midsize luxury utility vehicles sold in Canada. It seems rather fitting. Particularly when you consider that the third best-selling vehicle on the list, the Lincoln MKX, is manufacturerd in Oakville, Ontario. Without even taking the Lincoln MKT into account (also built in Oakville, Ontario), more than half of all midsize luxury utility vehicles sold in Canada in May were manufacturerd in Canada. They are Canada’s favourites; built by Canadians for Canadians… and Americans.

Given those facts, it’s a little ironic that none of the far more expensive, less efficient large luxury SUVs in the following Sales Stats Graph. You can find a Cadillac Escalade factory in Russia, however.