cadillac escalade

So you’re looking to start a brand new automobile manufacturer with a base in Canada, a country just north of your largest market; but a country with a healthy marketplace itself. The first thought that crosses your mind is the need for new product. How about a jumbo luxury sport-utility vehicle?

Uh… no. Sure, large SUVs have their place, but that place is hardly known as “Canada”. Totalled together, June sales of every large luxury SUV competing for buyers’ hearts and minds in Canada don’t add up to much more than half of Canada’s best-selling small luxury SUV’s sales in June. The Mercedes-Benz GLK found over 700 homes in June. Large luxury SUVs found fewer than 400. 
Perhaps midsize luxury SUVs would be a better place to start. Since most of the best-sellers are already built in Canada, maybe southern Ontario could turn into the midsize luxury SUV equivalent of supercar heaven, aka Modena, Italy. After all, the Canadian-built Lexus RX was more popular than the German/Egyptian/Mexican/Brazilian-built Mercedes GLK. Acura’s MDX and the Lincoln MKX are finding buyers with ease, as well.