Volvo showcased the strength of its products in July; as well as the draw of the deal. Without a doubt, incentives have been a big part of every automaker’s marketing portfolio this year, so suggesting that Volvo’s strong month in July had more to do with Cash For Clunkers or low finance rates than good cars is the same as applying that theory across the whole industry. Volvo, for the second month in a row, was the only manufacturer of premium cars to sell more vehicles in the USA this July than in July of last year.

However, that doesn’t mean Volvo sold at a rate BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes-Benz could tolerate. Sure, Volvo sales were up 26%… to 6,441. Lexus sales were down 17% but the Japanese luxury dominator still managed to sell about 12,000 more automobiles than Volvo. Before looking at the Graph below for your luxury Sales Stats fill, remember that Cash For Clunkers wasn’t a program available to people buying cars with an MSRP over $45,000. Also, combined sales of Hummer, Saab, and Porsche total fewer than 3,000.