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Luxury Auto Brand Market Share In America – October 2011

2011 Infiniti M35h

Infiniti lost a significant chunk of the luxury market which the company had previously held in September. October 2011 was not kind to Japanese luxury automakers, as a rule. 

Lexus sales were down 14% year-over-year, but compared with September, its share of the luxury category actually grew from 12.3% to 14.7%. Acura sales were up 0.9%… in a market which grew 8%. Nevertheless, Acura’s market share in the luxury category increased from 8.2% to 9%.

Infiniti sales fell 13.5% from October 2010’s level, and Nissan’s luxury division saw its market share fall from 7% in September to 5.6% in October 2011. Cadillac also reported a substantial fall, from 10.5% to 9.6%. Lincoln, meanwhile, posted the greatest drop, falling two points from September’s 7%.

Setting aside premium vehicles like the Hyundai Equus, Volkswagen Touareg, and Nissan GT-R, there were 122,915 premium-badged vehicles sold in America in October. 45.7% of those vehicles wore either Audi’s four rings, BMW’s propeller, or Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star. Last month the German trio’s market share total was 45.1%.