lincoln mks

Is that trouble in paradise you’re smelling? Sales of the toothy Lincoln MKS, thought to be a rather impressive Ford Motor Company sedan if you can ignore the nose, tanked in April. Lincoln MKS sales are off 9.4% in the first four months of 2010, down 22% in April. Of course, Ford can’t be worried about a low-volume product in a low-volume country, but it’s interesting that MKS sales could be struggling so early in its product cycle. Let’s not kid ourselves, Lincoln MKS sales are down in the United States, as well (12.3% for the year, 1.5% in April). But trouble in paradise? No, Ford’s sales momentum has the strength of a boulder rolling down a mountain pass.

Other midsize sedans suffering from the malady of declining sales in April included the Lexus ES and GS, Acura TL, Cadillac STS, and Jaguar XF.