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mercedes gelandewagen

No place for a shrinking violet, the large luxury SUV sector is a money-making machine, an image projector, and a terrific competitor for large luxury sedans all wrapped in to one. Like it or loathe it, the Cadillac Escalade’s introduction to the world helped shape Cadillac’s modern image, that of the bold, brash, brazen antagonist to typical German druthers. Though not a particularly successful business, Land Rover has made its hay off big luxury sport-utility vehicles. And we’re talkin’ real Ess-You-Vees, y’all. 

The Lincoln Navigator was the rapper’s vehicle of choice before Cadillac stole Lincoln’s thunder. If all you knew of the three-pointed star was the Gelandewagen you’d equate Mercedes-Benz with toughness, jaws of steel, and… well, gangsta rap. Friends, that’s how you sell veehickles
That Cadillac is dominant in this category and also at the smaller end of the scale is no mean feat. Give credit where credit is due – if you think SUV success fell into GM’s lap, you’re wrong. Product planners work hard to get this stuff right and, quite clearly, Cadillac knows how to style a luxury SUV in the appropriate manner, even if it doesn’t fit your definition of appropriate.