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Large Luxury SUV Sales In America – November 2017

Best Selling Large Luxury SUVs in America for November 2017

Here you will find the Large Luxury SUV sales leaders in the United States for November 2017. Each month we compile the Large Luxury SUV sales data and reports for North American markets and analyze it to create the best selling list below.

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Our Take On The Large Luxury SUVs Sales Numbers

For the second consecutive month, America’s Large Luxury SUV market declined on its performance the previous year.

Sales of these mobile cathedrals of opulence fell by 3.75% on the same month last year – a total drop of 438 sales.

The Lincoln Navigator had its best month of 2017 so far, with an 81.7% increase. Sales of the large Lincoln have grown almost every month in the second half of 2017 so far (the exception being a 5.5% drop back in August). Lincoln introduced a longer-wheelbase Navigator back in June, adding more than a foot of length to the already capacious SUV.

If Lincoln can stretch their growth for one more month, the brand stands a chance of equaling last year’s total sales for the year.

The segment-topping Cadillac Escalade was one of the few others to post growth year-on-year, though going into December it still lags behind last year’s year-to-date by 1.1%. To break even on last year’s total for the badge, Cadillac must sell 5,850 Escalades – a 6.9% increase on last December’s 5,472 sales. A tall order, with one fewer selling day this December than last.

Best Selling Large Luxury SUVs Rankings

Top Large Luxury SUVs Sales Figures – This Month

This sales table of shows the top Large Luxury SUV sales performers in the United States, including their year on year growth rates both for the most recent month and year to date figures. Note that this table is sortable and that it fees the chart below. You can easily change the chart by filtering and sorting the below table.

For reference US = United States Sales for the month, US LY = Last Year’s United States Sales for the month, US vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate, YTD = United States Sales Year to Date, YTD LY = Last Year’s United States Year to Date Sales, YTD vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate.

Large Luxury SUV Sales

Bentley Bentayga 145 138 5.10 1,003 643 56.00
Cadillac Escalade 3,532 3,492 1.10 33,242 33,620 -1.10
Infiniti QX80 1,280 1,738 -26.40 15,365 14,746 4.20
Land Rover Range Rover 1,106 1,242 -11.00 15,794 13,990 12.90
Lexus LX 600 614 -2.30 5,260 4,871 8.00
Lincoln Navigator 1,230 677 81.70 9,079 9,311 -2.50
Mercedes-Benz G-Class 198 326 -39.30 3,717 3,497 6.30
Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class 2,869 3,108 -7.70 29,250 27,180 7.60
Toyota Land Cruiser 282 345 -18.30 2,710 3,249 -16.60
∑ = 11,242 ∑ = 11,680 ∑ = 115,420 ∑ = 111,107