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2018 BMW 7 Series

Large Luxury Car Sales in America – March 2019

The GCBC Analysis

Large Luxury Car sales had a rough March in America. The segment saw a drop in sales of about 1,700 units. This was reflected in the YTD numbers, too, meaning the first quarter of 2019 hasn’t been good for the segment, and the rest of the year could be a struggle.

The only models that saw sales increases in the segment were the BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, and Kia K900. Each of them saw decent increases of 20 percent, 93.3 percent, and 8.1 precent respectively.

Of the models that saw sales decreases, most saw high double-digit percent decreases for the segment. The only model that didn’t was the Porsche Panamera. It saw only one fewer sale than this time last year.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year goes for the segment. The current indications are that it won’t have a good rest of the year.

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