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Large Car Sales In America – August 2011

2011 Lincoln Town Car

This mish-mash chart of larger, slightly more expensive mainstream cars and slightly undignified premium brand cars has stories to tell. We don’t really care about any of those stories, since the majority of these cars have about as high a desirability quotient as bungee jumping with a worn out cord. Nevertheless, the stories must be told.

What’s up with the Chrysler 300? I understand that dealers haven’t had enough of them, but you start to wonder if Chrysler’s product planning department made more than a few mistakes with the timing on this one. Year-to-date sales of the 300 are down 28%. It’s not as though the first eight months of 2010 had been great to begin with. Toyota sold more Camrys in August 2011 than Chrysler sold 300s in the first two-thirds of 2010. And that was before 300 sales slid 28%. 

The Dodge Charger is selling much more frequently, but even there, year-to-date sales are off 19%. Chrysler Group passenger car sales are up by 12,303 units this year. That’s with 11,088 Fiat 500 sales which weren’t available last year. 

There’s a new Hyundai Azera on Hyundai’s U.S. website. It’s there so you can take a survey. Azera sales fell 74% in August. 

Now this is going to sound really strange, so prepare yourself: Lincoln Town Car sales rose 45% in August 2011. Presumably, leftovers are being off-loaded with handsome discounts to limo companies who would prefer not to drive a Lincoln MKT. The Town Car was America’s 30th-best-selling premium brand car last month.