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Continuing the non-traditional Graph format for reasons inexplicable, these are America’s ten best-selling auto brands for the month of June 2010. Today is a holiday in Canada; data from the Great White North is slow in arriving. In fact, the complete rundown of May 2010 sales in Canada is yet to arrive and here we are discussing the U.S. picture from June. Times are tough.

Toyota was walloped by America’s two most-famous domestic brands in June. Ford actually laid a Buick-sized beating on Chevrolet, too. Of automakers which remain in existence, only a handful posted a decline in sales from June 2009. That includes Mitsubishi, smart, Suzuki, Lincoln, and Volvo – as well as Hummer and Saab if you desire to count them. Volkswagen and Jeep narrowly missed out on a berth in the Top 10 for June. Although Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW were close, no luxury brand cracked the Top 10 in June. For a more thorough look at America’s Top 10 Best-Selling Auto Brands in June 2010, keep on’a scrollin’.


#10 – Subaru: +16% to 21,601
Leaning strongly on all of its models (barring the always slow-selling Tribeca) Subaru is making a charge out from under the niche shadow and into the mainstream. Seeing this Japanese automaker in the Top 10 is no longer an unusual sight.

#9 – GMC: +45% to 28,526
A lot of people cried for intelligence when General Motors killed Pontiac and Saturn and kept a truck brand. “Nobody wants trucks,” they shouted. They were wrong. 

#8 – Kia: +18.9% to 31,906
Hyundai-controlled Kia is about to start selling a handsome new Sportage. The 2011 Kia Sorento is a hit. The Forteo looks good. The Soul is awesome. This should surprise no one. Kia was one of just two automakers in this Top 10 to improve upon May 2010 sales figures in the U.S.

#7 – Dodge: +66.8% to 36,996
Give Dodge its former Ram sales and this brand would move up a couple notches. Fiat clearly doesn’t care where Dodge lands in the overall rankings. 

#6 – Hyundai: +35% to 51,205
The forthcoming Equus large luxury sedan won’t add significantly to Hyundai’s overall total. Like the Genesis, however, the Equus adds a healthy dollop of attitude to Hyundai’s lesser models; the ability to capable suggest to buyers of Civics and Camrys and CX-9s that they deserve consideration. Like Kia, Hyundai’s June 2010 sales tally was higher than last month’s figure.

#5 – Nissan: +8.2% to 56,266
Nissan sells a vast fleet of vehicles in North America. Considering how great is the array of Nissans not offered on this continent, one wonders if this automaker could put up even greater numbers.

#4 – Honda: +4% to 95,788
No other major automaker failed to post less than a 7% increase over June 2009’s totals. Ignore the increase for a moment and realize Honda needs to get its groove back. The Accord Crosstour? No. The CR-Z? Maybe.

#3 – Toyota: +7.4% to 123,272
With gains over 2009’s Sales Stats and a spot on America’s best-selling automaker podium, you’d think Toyota hasn’t been hurt by its Recall crisis from earlier this year. On the contrary, Toyota is no longer #1. Plus, Ford and Chevrolet are rockin’ and rollin’ to the beat of a drum Toyota no likey.

#2 – Chevrolet: +32.5% to 141,381
Chevrolet’s Camaro? A bombastic hit. The new Equinox is a tremendously hot seller. Chevrolet also sells a truck you might’ve heard of, the Silverado. And the Malibu, Cobalt, and Impala sell at impressive rates, respectively. A replacement for the Cobalt, the 2011 Cruze, is bound to improve on the Cobalt’s total. Not bad for the headline brand from a company which nearly went extinct.

#1 – Ford: +16.2% to 155,332
Now that the 2011 Ford Mustang is able to top the Chevrolet Camaro in muscle car sales, Ford can relax. The new Explorer, a vehicle we’ve yet to actually see, is already creating some hype. The F-Series is easily America’s best-selling truck, making up nearly one-third of Ford’s volume. Today, Ford even announced its debt has been cut by $4,000,000,000. That’s billion for those who didn’t count the zeros.

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