2010 toyota camry

Automakers will rant and rave this month about their sales increases over June 2009 totals. Whether they’re talkin’ ’bout the brand as a whole or individual models, automotive conglomerates are awfully happy to point to percentage signs, these % little things here, with a positive symbol + in front. Well, guess what – for the most part automakers aren’t deceiving you in the slightest. For as long as the hindsighted eye can see, businesses have looked back to the same period of the year before to contextualize this month’s sales total. 

But you’re smarter than that, aren’t you? By looking at the list of the Top 10 Best-Selling Cars In America below, you can see May 2010 totals (titled “Last month” when you start checking) are higher in every case than this month’s total. Sales Stats aren’t difficult to understand. Companies want to sell more product, not less. And as summer begins, sales are supposed to rise. It’s time to drive, y’all. Even worse, for the Chevrolet Impala, Nissan Altima, and Ford Fusion, comparing sales figures with June 2009 isn’t casting favourable light, either. 
America’s favourite cars weren’t quite as favoured in June 2010. Then again, you’d rather be on this list than not. One more interesting note before you scroll: this list is nearly identical to last month’s. The order has been slightly altered but no new car joined, nor did any leave.


#10 – Chevrolet Impala: 14,551
June 2009: 14,931
Last month: 20,623

#9 – Ford Focus: 15,148

June 2009: 12,573
Last month: 16,931

#8 – Nissan Altima: 15,920

June 2009: 16,350
Last month: 21,950

#7 – Hyundai Sonata: 17,771

June 2009: 11,950
Last month: 21,195

#6 – Ford Fusion: 18,412

June 2009: 18,561
Last month: 22,381

#5 – Chevrolet Malibu: 20,720

June 2009: 11,466
Last month: 21,722

#4 – Toyota Corolla/Matrix: 21,876
June 2009: 19,935

Last month: 26,953

#3 – Honda Civic: 26,474

June 2009: 20,954
Last month: 28,458

#2 – Honda Accord: 26,972

June 2009: 23,955
Last month: 30,077

#1 – Toyota Camry: 28,435

June 2009: 26,394
Last month: 29,295
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