The Best Selling SUVs in Canada – July 2018 YTD

Here you will find the YTD SUV sales leaders in Canada for July 2018 YTD. Each month we compile passenger car sales data and reports for North American markets and analyze it to create the best selling list below.

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Our Take On The Numbers

Despite the woes at Jeep in July, the SUV and crossover market still managed to come out of the month with 5.2% year-on-year growth overall.

That’s testament to the resilience of this growing chunk of Canadian vehicle sales – that a major brand can take a severe hit for the month and the influx of new models and strength of others in the segment can persistently uplift the segment as a whole.

The top-selling SUV for the month – and indeed the year so far in Canada – the Honda CR-V increased its sales by 19.6% year-on-year, helping push back against the headwinds.

The Volkswagen Tiguan, part of VW’s renewed SUV line up, saw sales shoot up 67.1% year-on-year. To date, the Tiguan has almost doubled its sales compared with this point last year.

Nissan’s Qashqai continues to impress too; sales were up 45.4% in July, as its usually dominant bigger brother the Rogue saw sales fall for the month – although on a daily selling rate (DSR) basis, the Rogue actually improved compared with last July’s performance.

Best Selling SUV Rankings

Top SUV Sales Figures – This Month

This sales table of shows the top SUV sales performers in Canada, including their year on year growth rates both for the most recent month and year to date figures. Note that this table is sortable and that it fees the chart below. You can easily change the chart by filtering and sorting the below table.

For reference CA = Canada Sales for the month, CA LY = Last Year’s Canada Sales for the month, CA vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate, YTD = Canada Sales Year to Date, YTD LY = Last Year’s Canada Year to Date Sales, YTD vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate.

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