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mitsubishi lancer

Generally, The Good Car Guy will publish a Graph like the one you see below and focus on the best and brightest, the most popular and much-loved. Perhaps, for a change, we should have a look at those who suck, the least popular, the little-loved.

May 2010 had 31 days, just like every other May. For every day in May, American Honda dealerships sold 918 Civics. In the whole of May, American Suzuki dealerships sold 885 SX4s. Okay, here’s another interesting tidbit: every week in May, Toyota dealerships in the United States sold just about 6000 Corollas, a figure which includes sales of the Toyota Matrix. In all of May, Subaru’s Impreza sales total reached just 4249. Finally, think about this: every time Mitsubishi sold a single Lancer, Ford dealers sold the Focus more than 7 times over. 
Still, it must be pointed out that the Suzuki SX4 is actually a pretty powerful little compact car with 150 horsepower from $13,359, more than the Honda Civic. The Subaru Impreza features all-wheel drive as standard equipment, the Corolla sedan doesn’t have all-wheel drive as an option. And the Mitsubishi Lancer is far more of a looker than the dowdy Ford Focus. But it doesn’t matter, because sales of America’s most well-known compact cars far outnumber those of the bit players.