German Luxury Car Market Share In America – November 2010

German FlagWhich sort of German luxury vehicle sells best? These are the sort of questions The Good Car Guy routinely finds answers for, not always sharing the research with’s audience due to time constraints. This time, you’re in for a treat, an especially purple treat.

No surprise, the volume leader is the smaller luxury cars of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW’s fleets. Though not necessarily number one with each respective fleet, the combined sales of the Audi A4, BMW 3-Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class represented 32.3% of the German luxury vehicle market in the USA in November 2010. 

And then it gets interesting. Considering the complete lack of available utility vehicles from German luxury automakers in the mid-90s, it’s amazing to see how the Audi Q7, BMW X5 and BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GL and M-Class (and even the G-Wagen) owned more than a fifth of the German luxury vehicle market in the United States last month. Yes, this means the larger end of the German luxury SUV market in the USA is of numerical equivalence to the filling in any German luxury auto discussion sandwich: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (and CLS), BMW’s 5-Series, and the Audi A6. 

This leaves a little more than one-fifth of all German luxury vehicle sales for sportier models, smaller SUVs, and large sedans like the very popular Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Of course, the small SUV segment will improve when the new BMW X3 can do something about abysmal totals like November’s 91 sales. Plus, all of this excludes high-end Volkswagens like the Touareg and the $40K Passat CC VR6 4Motion Executive. Check it all out in the Graph below or find regularly-scheduled Sales Stats info here.

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