Ford Motor Company Sales In America – May 2011

Sales of Ford Motor Company vehicles totalled more than those of any other automobile manufacturer in May 2011… except for General Motors. GM’s May sales have already been completely covered in four separate charts. Now FMC’s sales figures – and Ford’s in particular, America’s most popular individual brand – are shown with their respective share of the brand’s volume in the charts below.

Lincoln’s pitiful performance in May is more clearly understood once you realize only 3.9% of all Ford Motor Company sales occurred in the luxury brand’s showrooms. The MKS, MKT, and Navigator posted year-over-year declines. Lincoln was America’s seventh-most-popular premium automotive brand in May as sales fell 4.6% to 7399.

FMC’s own Blue Oval brand had seven models which out-sold the whole Lincoln brand last month. Ford’s car division found its biggest percentage boost in the Focus as the 2012 model helped deliver a 31.7% increase. The Ford Explorer was up 135%. Ford Mustang sales plunged 35.4%; Ford Edge sales dropped 30.6%.

The Ford brand sold 184,130 vehicles, up 5.1%. Ford Motor Company as a whole was down 0.25%. Take Mercury’s 9128 May 2010 sales out of the equation and Ford/Lincoln – FMC’s two current brands – were up a combined 4.7%. To keep Lincoln from becoming the next Mercury, an extinguished brand, Ford is going to spend $1,000,000,000 to reinvigorate their luxury division.