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Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle Photo Gallery

Interrupting’s exhaustive automotive Sales Stats recap for police vehicle coverage isn’t unusual. This time, Ford is back at work, but it’s not a police car they’ve completed. This 2011 Explorer-based Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle is certainly more practical than the new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor (more about which you can read here and here) but it’s still wildly different from the garden variety Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor.

Fuel efficiency should improve up to 20% for departments currently running Crown Victorias. The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor will use its 3.5L V6 to generate 280 horsepower. Power will be necessary to keep things moving when the cargo area is filled with up to 800 pounds of gear.

The Good Car Guy was a ride-along participant a few weeks ago in an aggressively-driven Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Though antiquated and somewhat anemic, the CVPI held on to the road far more capably than criminals would previously expect. When Ford says the new Explorer Police Interceptor “has been put through its paces, undergoing a battery of torture tests to ensure its individual components can hold up to rigorous driving”, you can believe it. 

Pictures of the all-new 2011 Ford Explorer turned Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle are in the Gallery below. Many include the Taurus Police Interceptor, as well.

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