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Entry/Small Luxury Car Sales And Midsize Luxury Car Sales In America – October 2010

Although the terms “luxury” and “value” aren’t commonly associated, luxury car value is usually found in one of the two Graphs below more than any other luxury vehicle segment. The 2011 Infiniti G25, for instance, is priced like a Nissan Maxima, but the G25 is more fun to drive, better looking, and more prestigious. The Mercedes-Benz E550 costs $35,900 than the larger Mercedes-Benz S550 but it’s fitted with the same engine. 

The Good Car Guy has rolled the Compact Luxury Car Sales chart of previous months into the Entry/Small Luxury Car Sales for October 2010 you’ll see below. It’s impossible to please everyone when choreographing segments – the titles don’t often accurately convey a competitive set. Nevertheless, the possibility that a Mercedes-Benz C350 will more likely be cross-shopped with a Cadillac CTS or Infiniti G37 than an Infiniti M37 precludes the larger “entry/small” luxury cars from moving up a category. 

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