Download Free GCBC U.S. Pickup Truck Sales Data: January-September 2015 YTD

GCBC truck sales spreadsheet screenshot

Yesterday we revealed a tentative plan to begin offering GCBC readers more. More sales figures in more formats.

We’re gauging interest in a prospective pay-per-download initiative by offering you samples for free. Yesterday, it was September 2015 and year-to-date U.S. premium brand figures: every vehicle and every brand. Today, we’ve compiled lists of every pickup truck’s sales figures for every month so far this year, a spreadsheet which includes the prior year figures, the prior year’s year-to-date numbers, and the year-over-year percentage change. There are also totals for pickup truck sub-segments: small/midsize and full-size.

Download GCBC U.S. Pickup Truck Sales Figures: January-September 2015
Download GCBC U.S. Premium Brand Sales Figures: September 2015 YTD

And again, it’s free. You just click this link to be directed to Google Drive: no sign-in, no sign-up, no passwords. You can download the file if you like by selecting File, Download As, and then selecting Excel or PDF or a number of other formats. 

Keep in mind, we won’t change everything that makes GCBC so great as it stands right now. The information we publish for free with all due haste each and every month will continue to be published for free with all due haste each and every month. But we’re exploring the idea of offering paying customers a little bit more, not just the downloadable capability, but more compilations that aren’t available on GCBC. It’ll be very inexpensive – we’re anticipating iTunes-like pricing. There’ll be no subscriptions – you’ll only download what you want when you want so you aren’t paying for stuff you don’t want. 

For now, the samples are free. And over the coming days we hope to bring you more samples in order to gauge interest, and perhaps even pique your interest.