mini cooper

Available now in three bodystyles, the Mini Cooper is part of BMW’s route around CAFE and EU CO2 emissions control while also bringing BMW a huge source of small car profitability. With a few engines, one platform, and one undying style ethos, the Mini range is a gold mine. Soon, the Mini Countryman will sell at a faster rate than any of us thought possible and Mini will be on its way to mainstream.

But you’d never guess based on Mini’s 4,233 sales in April. BMW’s own 3-Series sells at more than twice the pace. America’s current best-selling car, the Honda Accord, crossed the 30,000-unit threshold in May. What’s 4,233 sales in a month? Nothing…. right? Remember that automakers earn a lot of profit off options, and few vehicles leave the factory as optioned-up as a Mini Cooper.