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We’re down to a very few new Chrysler PT Cruisers in Canada. Production is over. Only three were sold in Canada in July. That fact doesn’t make the Chevrolet HHR’s lackluster showing in Canada look all that good. The HHR, a fair earner for General Motors south of the border, is deemed undesirable by the Canadian auto-buying populace. Despite possessing 1/10th the population, Canadians registered only 1/55th the HHRs in July 2010. In fact, Americans made the HHR more popular than the Kia Soul in July. Kia Canada should be pleased to know that their Soul out-sold (out-Souled?) the Chevrolet HHR by more than 7-to-1 in July. 

There are 257 Acura ZDXs on Canadian roads now, not counting the odd American tourist visiting Niagara Falls from Manhattan. By odd I don’t mean “rare” or “more or less”. No, I mean odd as in “peculiar” or “eccentric”. To be driving an Acura ZDX, chances are you’re odd: at least your car-buying habits are unique. ZDX owners formerly drove either an Isuzu VehiCross or Cadillac Allante.

I disparage so. It’s just a curious thing, the purchase of an Acura ZDX. What was wrong with the less-expensive, more practical, better-looking Acura MDX? And BMW X6 owners, I ask you this: what was wrong with the less-expensive, more practical, better-looking BMW X5? 270 people made the correct choice in BMW’s Canadian dealerships in July; 497 at Canadian Acura dealers. The 133 of y’all walked to the wrong corner of the showroom.
Details on niche cars, SUVs, and trucks of all kinds are in the Graphs below.