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Recent news – and a flood of recent opinion pieces – state that a huge chunk of these Chevrolet and Ford sales are going to fleets. Although “fleet sales” can mean numerous things, think Avis and Hertz and you’ll get the picture. Where last year at this time you saw lower sales of the Blue Oval and Bow Tie brands, much of their July 2010 increase is due to fleet sales, sales with negligible profit. 

Regardless, The Good Car Guy’s Sales Stats are much colder and harder than that. Which automaker put more cars on the road in July? This is what we’re here to find out. In the six categories examined in this Graph, both Chevrolet and Ford are victorious in three. The 2012 Ford Focus and 2011 Chevrolet Cruze could present a totally different picture to the one displayed by the current Focus and Cobalt. Don’t be surprised either way if Ford Fiesta sales stagnate due to high prices or take off because, well…. it’s a really nice car. 

Of course, Ford’s all-conquering pickup truck, the F-Series, helps push Ford’s overall total higher. Rumour has it Ford will rely on the 2011 Explorer and the updated Edge to carry forth the midsize torch: Flex sales are low enough to make Ford think the model has no future beyond 2013. This is interesting given the incredibly strong sales of GM’s Lambda platform’s most conservatively-designed member, the Chevrolet Traverse. 

Chevrolet vs Ford sales from July 2010 in the USA are below (even if the chart title does say it’s Canada.)