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Truck Sales And Minivan Sales In Canada – July 2011

2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport

26,779 pickup trucks were sold in Canada in July 2011. Before you get excited by assuming that a figure that high in a population this small is terrific news for pickup truck-building automakers, keep in mind that the 31 days of July 2010 saw 29,500 pickup truck sales.

The Suzuki Equator and its five sales are gone. So is the Mazda B-Series and the 187 sales it brought along last July. Honda Ridgeline sales plunged 62.1%, just barely missing out on induction into the Worst Selling Vehicles list. Chevrolet Colorado sales slid 44.1%. Its twin, the GMC Canyon, was down 40.7%.

But those losses collectively amount to just 732 fewer truck sales, year-over-year. Ford’s 8.7% loss equates to 818 fewer truck sales than there were at this time last year. Check out’s list of the Top 10 Best-Selling Trucks in Canada for a more detailed look at the numbers.

Canada Truck Sales Chart July 2011
Minivans, though not as frequently chosen as pickup trucks, remain a common option for Canadian families. 5.6% of all new vehicle purchases in Canada in July 2011 were minivans. Compare that with just 3.5% in the United States.

54.6% of the minivans sold in Canada last month were Dodge Grand Caravans. Though priced from just $19,995, Grand Caravan sales tumbled 28.7% in July but are down just 0.8% year-to-date. 

Canada’s new vehicle market was swung downward at a 4.9% clip in July. And along with the Grand Caravan, a few other minivans were big contributors to the overall market’s decline. Toyota Sienna sales slid 30.1%. The Honda Odyssey was down 42.3%. Kia’s mini-minivan Rondo fell 33.1%. Sales of the Rondo’s rival, Mazda’s 5, were off by 30%.
Canada Minivan Sales Chart July 2011

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