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Small Luxury SUV Sales And Midsize Luxury SUV Sales In Canada – August 2011

Canada’s new vehicle market is up 2% this year. August 2011 was 3% better than August 2010. BMW is up 11% through the first eight months of this year and 4% in August. Without the new X1, BMW Canada would be up just 2.2% and down 8.4% in August. 

It’s not as though BMW’s slightly larger X3 was struggling in August. Sales jumped 79%. Both the Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5 were more popular, however, on 2% and 6% gains, respectively.

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque will have a higher base price than every vehicle in the first chart below. At $46,995, $5395 more than the Mercedes-Benz GLK350, we can still expect to see Land Rover put up higher Evoque sales numbers than what the automaker’s been managing with the dull $44,950 LR2, sales of which tumbled 43% last month.

Canada Small Luxury SUV Sales Chart August 2011
Though the BMW X1 is certainly doing well in Canada, BMW actually sold more X5s in August. X5 sales were up 10% last month, though the X5 is down 6% year-to-date. 

The story of August’s midsize luxury fleet was the Acura MDX; not the BMW X5. MDX sales are down 14% this year, quite in line with Acura’s overall 17% drop, but August MDX sales shot up 24%, more than doubling up on the X5. Closer to the MDX was the Lexus RX, sales of which slid 29%. Sales of the Lincoln MKX rose 86% in August, significantly outpacing the overall Lincoln brand’s 27% year-over-year increase.

It wasn’t all roses at Acura and Lincoln, of course. Sales of The Bad 8‘s Acura ZDX and Lincoln MKT were down 71% and 23%, respectively. The ZDX was one of Canada’s Top 10 Worst-Selling Vehicles.
Canada Midsize Luxury SUV Sales Chart August 2011
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