Large SUV Sales In Canada – February 2017

2017 Nissan Armada Platinum blue

Canadian sales of full-size, volume brand SUVs jumped 50% in calendar year 2016. But matching that rapid rate of growth in the early part of 2017 has, at least through the end of February, proven impossible.

Canada Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model – February 2017 YTD
Canada SUV/Crossover Sales By Model – February 2017 YTD

Despite Ford’s clear-out of the outgoing Expedition as the automaker prepares to send the all-new fifth-generation Expedition to dealers – a clear-out that’s resulted in a 68% year-over-year increase in 2017’s first two months – the segment is down 3% this year, having grown by only four units in February.

General Motors, the automaker that controls the category, is largely to blame. In January and February of 2016, GM Canada sold 1154 Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons, and Yukon XLs, accounting for 72% of the segment’s volume. 

Canada full-size SUV sales chart February 2017
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But in the same period this year, the GM quartet tumbled 23% to 889 units as GM’s market share slid to 57%. Here’s how you know there’s been a shift: the Nissan Armada is outselling the Chevrolet Suburban.

Of course, the Suburban represents just one-quarter of the GM SUVs in this segment and only one-sixth of GM’s full-size SUV portfolio. 

Moreover, GM’s deliveries in the segment hinge largely upon fleet sales, which fluctuate wildly from one season to the next. It’s possible that the segment has flatlined. It’s also possible that January and February are responsible for a small portion of the Canadian auto industry’s annual results, and these results mean very little.

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123 -43.9% 123 269 -54.3%
208 -17.3% 280 336 -16.7%
137 59.1% 417 248 68.1%
152 5.3% 269 289 -6.9%
131 4.6% 217 260 -16.5%
61 21.3% 136 88 54.5%
68 -20.6% 119 116 2.6%
880 0.5% 1561 1606 -2.8%

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