The Ford Expedition, sales of which include its elongated Max edition, was the top-selling full-size SUV nameplate in Canada in the 2016 calendar year.

But the figures couldn’t be much more deceiving. 

Canada Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model – 2016 Year End
Canada SUV/Crossover Sales By Model – 2016 Year End

General Motors splits sales of its volume brand full-size SUVs into four parts. Even taking one brand, Chevrolet, as the prime Ford competitor, the Tahoe and Suburban – equivalent to the Expedition and Expedition Max – outsold the Ford by a 40% margin. In all, General Motors owned 68% of the category in 2016.

Canada large SUV sales chart 2016
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GM also benefits from selling very popular Cadillac versions of the company’s full-size SUV. While the Ford Expedition’s Lincoln Navigator sibling produced 557 sales in Canada in 2016, Cadillac sold 2835 Escalades and Escalade ESVs. 

Regardless, it was a productive year for every entrant in the field. Sales in the category exploded across the board, helped along in a small part by gains at Toyota and Nissan, where there’s a new Armada, but largely by a huge uptick at General Motors and Ford.

They remain relatively rare vehicles, however. Combined, this group of seven full-size SUVs produced 15,823 total sales, a figure lower than the annual total of 12 different SUVs/crossovers in Canada. South of the border, on the other hand, the Tahoe – on its own – was America’s 24th-best-selling SUV/crossover in 2016.

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135 48.1% 2173 1354 60.5%
248 -44.4% 3062 2364 29.5%
261 73.6% 3729 2282 63.4%
141 -19.1% 2842 1711 66.1%
183 1.6% 2604 1579 64.9%
47 80.9% 716 634 12.9%
67 -23.9% 697 663 5.1%
1082 13.4% 15,823 10,587 49.5%

Source: Automakers & Global Automakers Of Canada

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