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Large Luxury SUV Sales In Canada – May 2014 YTD

2013 Lexus LX570

For the 12th time in the last 17 months, Canadian sales of Land Rover’s Range Rover SUV increased on a year-over-year basis. The 53% jump to 84 units in May 2014 meant that Land Rover Canada sold more Range Rovers than Cadillac, Lexus, and Lincoln sold Escalades, LX570s, and Navigators combined.

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Canada large luxury SUV sales chart May 2014
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We’re waiting on a big uptick in Escalade sales, not unlike the ones we saw with GM’s big Chevrolet and GMC SUVs in May, as the new model takes hold. Historically, in 2006 and 2007, GM Canada was capable of selling more than twice as many regular-wheelbase Escalades as they did last year. 

We’re unlikely to see a long-term return to those kinds of figures – nor Lincoln to the days of 1000+ annual Navigator sales – but new models should provoke a big improvement in the near term.

Meanwhile, with 41 May sales, Toyota Canada recorded its best Lexus LX570 sales month since March 2012

Despite the big (percentage) increases from the LX and Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz’s own very high-end G-Class, and despite the Mercedes-Benz GL’s decline, the GL-Class is still the vehicle to which Canadian customers turn when seeking out a full-size, full-luxury family SUV. Of the ten so-called premium brand SUVs/crossovers that sold more often than the GL in May, two were Acuras, most were far smaller, and three others were high-priced Germans: the M-Class, X5, and Cayenne.

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Large Luxury SUV
80 -60.0% 154 373 -58.7%
28 71.4% 201 171 17.5%
55 52.7% 410 319 28.5%
33 24.2% 148 124 19.4%
22 -54.4% 86 144 -40.3%
9 178% 96 76 26.3%
259 -18.5% 1012 1131 -10.5%
486 -7.2% 2107 2338 -9.9%

Source: Automakers & ANDC
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