Large Luxury SUV Sales In Canada – April 2016 YTD

2016 Infiniti QX80

Canada’s favourite flagship luxury SUVs suffered modest but measurable downturns in April 2016, but the segment continues to roar ahead of 2015’s pace thanks to gains produced across the board.

Canada Vehicle Sales By Model – April 2016 YTD
Canada SUV/Crossover Sales By Model – April 2016 YTD

Through the first-third of 2016, Canadian sales of the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class are up 5%, and as availability of the updated, renamed GLS-Class improves, sales should rise more quickly. Cadillac Escalade volume is up 6%, a gain of 44 sales through the first four months of 2016. 

Infiniti and Land Rover have both added to their QX80 and Range Rover tallies – QX80 volume is up 80% so far this year, and the big Infiniti shot past the 100-unit mark for the second consecutive month, and just the second time ever.

Canada large luxury SUV sales chart April 2016
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Lower-volume contenders from Lexus and Lincoln are also on the rise, particularly in the Land Cruiser-based LX570’s case. The Navigator now trails every member of the pack, though 2016 is on track to be the big Expedition-based Lincoln’s third consecutive year of growth.

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Large Luxury SUV
248 -14.9% 745 701 6.3%
55 85.5% 367 204 79.9%
107 -38.3% 364 309 17.8%
39 56.4% 182 121 50.4%
51 15.7% 174 156 11.5%
40 27.5% 188 71 165%
279 -9.0% 859 815 5.4%
819 -1.8% 2879 2377 21.1%

Source: Automakers & Global Automakers Of Canada
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