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July 2012 Commercial Van Sales In Canada

Old and new Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

56.3% of Canada’s commercial/cargo/full-size people-carrying vehicle market in July 2012 was owned by FoMoCo. With E-Series sales rising 53% and the Transit Connect ranked as the second-best-selling vehicle in the segment, one almost wonders why other automakers participate.

Canada July 2012 Commercial van sales chart
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And then one remembers that automobile manufacturers are in business to make money. Is it hard for Chrysler to develop the Ram Cargo Van? Er… no. It’s a Dodge Grand Caravan, Canada’s fourth-best-selling vehicle overall, with seats and rear glass removed. Ce n’est pas très difficile.

Before July, Ford hasn’t encountered a year-over-year decline in Transit Connect sales since February. Judging popularity based on figures such as these would be a mistake. Orders for vans such as these can come in clumps from a small number of sources. Perhaps Canada Post wasn’t interested in purchasing more in July. Perhaps they purchased extra in June. Who knows? 

Who cares? Well, some people care. And it’s for those people that this post was created. There’s plenty more in Canada’s July 2012 auto sales recap here on GoodCarBadCar. And there’s more on these vans, too. Historical monthly and yearly sales figures for all seven of these commercial vans can be accessed through the first dropdown menu at GCBC’s Sales Stats home or near the top right of this page.

July 2012
Year To Date
% Change
Chevrolet Express
– 24.7% 2890 – 6.6%
Ford E-Series
+ 53.0% 6651 + 15.6%
Ford Transit Connect
– 16.1% 2796 + 5.1%
GMC Savana
– 39.5% 2601 – 16.8%
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
+ 22.0% 1577 + 12.6%
Nissan NV
+ 66.1% 650 + 299%
Ram Cargo Van
—– 1586 —–

Source: Manufacturers & ANDC

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