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January 2013 Large Luxury SUV Sales In Canada

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Land Rover Canada posted the company’s third 50-units+ Range Rover sales performance in the last four months in January 2013. Year-over-year, the replacement process drove the Range Rover up 320%, a 64-unit improvement.

It’s a meaningful result, no doubt. The much less costly Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (and its costly G-Class partner) sold much more frequently, yes. The wide-ranging Porsche Cayenne line (which GCBC lists with midsize luxury SUVs in large part due to its relatively low base price) did, too. But for the Range Rover to end the month ahead of the Cadillac Escalade and dozens of other $50K+ says something about the power new hi-lux automobiles carry. 

It’s called the gotta-have-it factor. And the Range Rover has got it in spades.

Canada January 2013 large luxury SUV sales chart
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Incidentally, while sales of the overall Escalade trio fell 11% in January, it wasn’t the EXT’s fault. Sales of the Avalanche-based truck rose 267% from six units to 22. 

Overall, even with the Benz GL’s success, Canada’s most expensive SUVs form a small category in the Canadian market, but not nearly as small as the large luxury car category. Canadians made the $73,200-$155,000 Jaguar XJ, with 35 sales, a segment leader in January. JLR’s own $114,750-$144,000 Range Rover sold 2.4 times more often.

Historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any of these models can be accessed by clicking the model name in the table below or by making a selection at GCBC’s Sales Stats page. You can click the accompanying chart for a larger view and sort the table by columns, as well.

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