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We’re hopeful that more details will make themselves available in the near future regarding all automakers found competing in Canada. For now, here’s what we know. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler’s stats are all-inclusive of their brands while Mercedes’ figures include smart. Toyota’s numbers happen to include Lexus, as well. The Canadian market as a whole stumbled and sales fell 5.7% compared to June of 2007. General Motors and Ford are much to blame: one can easily see how many other manufacturers have + signs beside their Numbers below. To be honest, apart from Dodge’s Ram swimming against the tide, light trucks are to blame. Overall sales for that category were down 17.6% to 63,540. Sales of cars went up 4.3% to 95,989.

Acura: -15% (to 1,600)
Audi: +.03% (to 729)
BMW: +6.3% (to 2,943)
Chrysler LLC: +1% (to 22,194)
Ford Motor Company: -13.7% (to 21,959)
General Motors: -23.8% (to 32,365)
Honda: -1% ( to 14,918)
Infiniti: +3.0% (to 680)
Kia: +10.9% (to 3,772)
Mercedes-Benz: +46.6% (to 2,105)
Mini: +50% (to 621)
Nissan: +10% (to 6,488)
Subaru: +34.9% (to 1,822)
Toyota: +8.8% (to 22,428)