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Popular Car Market Share In Canada – August 2011

Wrapped up in every thousand vehicles sales in Canada from August 2011 were 65 Ford F-Series pickups truck sales. There were more than 140,000 new vehicle sales in Canada last month. That F-Series tally is up from July’s 61 per 1000.

Canada’s new car market grew by 3.2% compared with August 2010. Through eight months, 2011’s new car market is up 1.8%. That increase works out to fewer than 19,000 sales. August’s 20 best-selling vehicles were responsible for 50.2% of all new vehicle sales which occurred in Canadian showrooms between the 1st and 31st of last month.

Canada Best Selling Autos Market Share Chart August 2011

Lists for August 2011’s 20 best-selling cars in Canada, 10 best-selling sport-utility vehicles in Canada, and 10 best-selling trucks in Canada were published a week ago. In the chart above you’ll see the 20 most popular candidates from all those lists integrated into a chart which displays each vehicle’s market share in contrast to 19 other popular vehicles and the remainder of the market as a whole. 

There are four trucks, nine passenger cars, six utility vehicles, and one minivan present in this month’s edition. 11 of August’s 20 best-selling vehicles in Canada wear Detroit badges. There are five Japanese vehicles, three Korean vehicles, and one German.