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Once again General Motors tops Ford and Toyota in Canada. And though GM’s Numbers in this edition of Sales Stats appear to have taken a significant tumble, GM Canada would like you to know that the four brands in the company’s future (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC) sold at a rate 5.6% higher than in September of last year.
Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and Audi have already been more deeply analysed here on and other automakers will submit to a deeper perusal later. For now, auto manufacturers competing in the Great White North (still quite green outside GoodCarBadCar Towers) are listed below in the order of their total sales.
Don’t forget to say a special, “Hello” to Subaru and BMW; both of which posted huge gains last month. Heeeeyyy. Overall, the Canadian car market was down 9.4%. Cheaperish fuel no doubt contributed to the increase in truck sales compared with the very expensive fuel of last September and the correspondingly lower truck/SUV/van sales at that time. Overall, light truck sales were up 4% to 62,034, not far behind the car market’s total of 67,469. One example? Combined sales of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra were up 74% in September.
General Motors: -23.4% to 23,568
Ford: +24.4% to 16,140
Toyota: -11.1% to 16,065
Chrysler: -7.1% to 15,804
Honda: -12.2% to 11,272
Hyundai: +30.8% to 9,282
Nissan: -0.9% to 6,594
Mazda: -3.6% to 6,520
Kia: +19.7% to 4,515
Volkswagen: -4.2% to 3,508
Subaru: +68.4% to 2,544
BMW: +50.1% to 2,402
Mercedes-Benz: +24.9% to 2,248
Mitsubishi: +18.5% to 1,735
Lexus: +11.3% to 1,504
Suzuki: +3.6% to 1,351
Acura: -45% to 1,127
Audi: +17.1% to 1,111
Infiniti: -14.3% to 639
Volvo: -6.4% to 508
Mini: -16.9% to 340
smart: +3.7% to 312
Land Rover: -8.2% to 179
Porsche: +14% to 114
Jaguar: -24.4% to 62
Saab: -48.2% to 59