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Canada Auto Sales Recap – October 2010

In October, Chrysler and Dodge combined to sell just 891 cars in Canada. Yes, Dodge and Jeep sales were up, but the eight cars of Fiat’s North American arm was out-sold by the Ford division’s six different car models by a rate of 5 to 1.

With November sales results just around the corner, a look at the sales success of luxury automakers in Canada becomes more interesting. BMW has sold 22,440 vehicles in Canada in the first ten months of 2010. Mercedes-Benz sold 24,082 in the same period. The total at Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, is half that of Mercedes-Benz. Lincoln is ahead of Cadillac. Lamborghini Canada has sold 61 cars in 2010, up from 30 in 2009.

Among Ford’s trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, only the Ford Flex and Ford Ranger (and the discontinued Ford Taurus X) have posted declining sales in 2010. Flex sales are off 2009’s pace by 20.2%.

At the end of October 2009, General Motors had sold 16,304 copies of the Pontiac Torrent, GMC Terrain, and Chevrolet Equinox. As of October 31/2010, GM had sold 23,570 of those three vehicles. Terrain sales, as you would expect of a new vehicle, are up 996%. Equinox sales have jumped 62.5%. Sales of the defunct Torrent, it must be said, are down 99.7%.

Excluding the not-for-sale-in-2009 Acura ZDX, only two Acura models have posted sales increases in 2010. The TSX is up 1 – that’s 1 unit – to 1756 through the end of October. RDX sales are up 5.6%. Overall, Acura’s down 3.4%.

Kia’s truck family, which includes the miniminivan Rondo, in addition to the Sportage, Sedona, Borrego and Sorento, was up 58.2% in October. Borrego sales were down, as were sales of the Rondo. Sedona sales climbed from 86 to 137. Sportage sales increased 33.4%. But the real winner, as has been the case for months, was the Sorento. The old Sorento was never the hottest of sellers, capable though it may have been. Contrasting the new model’s sales with the old is like comparing the iPod and Zune. Sorento sales were up 3144% in October.

Is Jaguar back on track? Er, not yet. 2010 is ten months old; Jaguar sales in Canada are down 4.2%.

Will the Mazda 3 be Canada’s best-selling car? Not this year. One thing’s for sure: Mazda needs the 3. The 3 accounted for more than half of all Mazda sales in Canada in October and has been responsible for more than 60% of all Mazda Canada sales in 2010.

Here are some other greatly improved vehicles posting greatly improved sales as well as a few with distinctly downcast outlooks in October.

  • Toyota 4Runner up 1114%
  • Audi A8 up 1250%
  • Volkswagen Touareg down 97.2%
  • Suzuki Equator down 92.9%
  • Lexus GX up 683%
  • Toyota Prius down 70.7%
  • Mitsubishi Endeavor up 256%
  • Dodge Dakota down 84.6%
  • Dodge Avenger down 91.6% 
  • BMW 5-Series up 136%
  • Cadillac STS down 72.7%
  • Hummer H3 down 96.4%
  • Mazda RX-8 down 85.5%
  • Mazda B-Series up 495%

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