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*updated 07.12.2010*

Canada’s car market dipped 10.6% in May. Auto dealers must’ve been happy with light truck sales in May – a category which includes most SUVs, crossovers, minivans and trucks – which rose 12.8%, grabbing substantially more than half the Canadian new vehicle market in May. 

The Ford Motor Company has now sold over 100,000 vehicles in Canada in 2010. That’s about 20,000 vehicles ahead of 2009’s pace. Jeep’s Sales Stats headed for the hills in May, a fact made possible by the amazingly successful, amazingly discounted Jeep Wrangler more than anything else. Honda’s struggles continue despite the now fully marketed Honda Accord Crosstour (*cough*) and fellow Japanese bikemaker Suzuki watched Canadian sales tank in May. Every time you turn around you’re seeing the 2011 Hyundai Sonata all over the roads of Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver, right? Indeed, the 2011 Sonata posted a sales increase of 61.5% over last May, aiding in Hyundai’s 12.6% jump over the same period of 2009.

Unfortunately, phrases like “almost 10%” aren’t good enough to allow The Good Car Guy to be exact. But good enough to publish? Certainly. Unusual for preliminary Canada Auto Sales figures, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and the Chrysler Group are almost completely broken down brand-by-brand. However, these Numbers remain unofficial until later in the month when GM, Ford, and Chrysler can confirm. At this point, Ford’s sales are based on Mercury Grand Marquis sales of 0 (a fact we can’t comfirm) and Lincoln sales rising 41% from last May. Since we know Lincoln’s sales from May 2009 and we know Ford Motor Company’s May 2010 total, we can form 99.9%-accurate conclusions. I’ll sing the same tune with General Motors. Chevy sales are supposedly up “almost 10%”, with firmer figures on Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. Chrysler has shared Jeep’s total but not the split between Chrysler and Dodge. For now, those two brands remain the only ones tied down. Typically, Canadian Chrysler/Dodge sales are far thicker on the Dodge end.

Eight of eight U.S. brands grew upon their May 2009 sales in May of 2010. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan – the domestic brands’ main competition – all suffered declines in May. Interesting, ain’t it? Get the full rundown of May auto sales in Canada by clicking through the jump.

Ford: +18.8% to 25,191
Toyota: -16.6% to 16,461
Chevrolet: -3.8% to 15,193
Dodge: +50.4% to 14,867
Hyundai: +12.6% to 12,620
Honda: -17.6% to 10,084
Mazda: +0.5% to 8,051
Nissan: -2.4% to 7,487
GMC: +13.6% to 7,088
Kia: +13.9% to 5,731
Volkswagen: +9% to 4,587
Jeep: +74.3% to 4,060
Mercedes-Benz: +22.2% to 2,865
Subaru: +25.6% to 2,436
BMW: -11.8% to 2,361
Chrysler: +35.8% to 1,960
Mitsubishi: -6.3% to 1,810
Acura: -4.8% to 1,503
Lexus: -10.6% to 1,418
Audi: +13.4% to 1,226
Buick: -3% to 1,060
Lincoln: +41% to 918
Cadillac: +21.6% to 740
Infiniti: +3.8% to 745
Suzuki: -44.2% to 700
Mini: -9.1% to 502
smart: +37.1% to 244
Land Rover: +29.9% to 226
Porsche: +19.9% to 193
Jaguar: -25% to 69
Volvo: -16.9% to 642
Maserati: +16.7% to 21
Bentley: +71.4% to 12
Ferrari: +28.6% to 9
Lamborghini: +50% to 6
Mercury: -92.9% to 1

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