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*updated 07/18/10*

Be alerted to five stories from this June 2010 edition of Canada Auto Sales. Number one, Ford didn’t just crush the competition, it crushed its own monthly totals going back a decade. Not since May 2000 have Ford Canada’s sales been this high.

Number two, Kia beat Volkswagen. Again. We’re just one sparsely populated country in a gigantic global market. But Volkswagen has dreams of becoming the world’s largest automaker. Surely challenging Kia in Canada would be a start?

Hyundai beat Honda. Again. Hyundai Canada beat Honda Canada in May, April, February, and January, too. Hyundai is doing well south of the border, but putting up a fight with Honda? They’re not even close in the States. Canada loves Hyundai. To be frank, Canada loves Hyundai more than Canada loves Honda.

Suzuki sales plummeted in June. And from such a low they’ve plummeted. Suzuki has never been a major player in North America, so to see sales decline 42.7% just after the company introduced its most competitive model in ages is ominous. How long is Suzuki going to fight a losing battle? Ya feel like telling Suzuki to give the Kizashi designer to a friend and get back to making motorcycles full-time.

Finally, number five: Subaru is really excited about another month of sales gains. It’s nice to hear business is going well for a company loved by It’s good news for Subaru and the automotive consumer. But the spin Subaru places on their June 2010 results, “buoyant sales have set a new record,” and ” the fastest growing Japanese manufacturer,” and “leading the sales charge,” is kind of annoying given that we can see how many vehicles they sold. And they didn’t sell very many vehicles. Good for Subaru; you’re growing. But making a positive mountain out of a negative mole hill is beginning to grate on those of us who read press releases. When Subaru cracks the top 5, then they can start acting like champions.

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Ford: +15.8% to 30,622 
Chevrolet: +36.1% to 15,690
Toyota: -15.1% to 14,607 
Dodge: +108.6% to 13,951
Hyundai: +13.8% to 11,501 
Honda: -12.5% to 10,450 
GMC: +140.3% to 7,494
Nissan: +7.5% to 7,248 
Mazda: +7.6% to 7,218 
Kia: +12.8% to 5,864 
Volkswagen: -0.8% to 4,479 
Jeep: +55% to 3,119
BMW: +0.1% to 3,006 
Mercedes: +6.9% to 2,758
Subaru: +31.4% to 2,316 
Mitsubishi: -8% to 1,604 
Acura: -20.6% to 1,439
Chrysler: +188.7% to 1,432
Lexus: +1.9% to 1,429 
Audi: +11.7% to 1,235 
Lincoln: -2.5% to 519 
Buick: -3% to 921
Infiniti: +19.1% to 809 
Suzuki: -42.7% to 730 
Cadillac: +94.8% to 713
Volvo: -20.5% to 716 
Mini: -5.1% to 501 
smart: -23.1% to 233 
Land Rover: +73.2% to 213 
Porsche: +5.9% to 180 
Jaguar: +8.2% to 105
Maserati: +36.4% to 15
Ferrari: +42.9% to 10
Lamborghini: +133.3% to 7
Bentley: level at 6
Mercury: -60% to 6

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